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The Federal Government recently released a 400-page budget, outlining their key priorities and investments for 2024. The budget proposes $52.9 billion in new spending over five years. This includes $8.5 billion in new spending for housing and a $1.4 billion Canada Disability Benefit.

However, the budget fails to include any reference to FASD. With FASD affecting 1 in 25 Canadians, it is crucial that FASD is included in budgets of this scale. CanFASD calls on the Government to invest in supporting people with FASD and their families. This can be done through approving Bill S-253 and bringing in a National FASD Framework.

While the exclusion of FASD is disappointing, some parts of the budget may be of interest to our community. Read a short summary of these key areas below.

Canada Disability Benefit

The Government will launch a new Canada Disability Benefit with $6.1 billion over six years, and $1.4 billion ongoing. This aims to increase the financial well-being of over 600,000 working-age people with disabilities.

Budget 2024 also addresses barriers to accessing the Canada Disability Benefit. The government will now cover the cost of the medical forms required to apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

First Nations and Inuit Health investments

The Government has pledged to invest $1.1 billion to help Indigenous people have better access to health care. The budget claims that this will help First Nations and Inuit people feel safe and heard, no matter where they live.

Indigenous Mental Health

Ottawa aims to support Indigenous mental health with an investment of over $630 million for improving Indigenous people’s access to mental health services. This includes through distinctions-based mental wellness strategies.

Youth Mental Health Fund

The Government plans to launch a new Youth Mental Health Fund to try to ensure that younger generations have the access they need to mental health supports so that they can have a healthy start to adulthood. It has proposed an investment of $500 million to ensure youth have access to mental health supports in their community.

Indigenous Child and Family Services

The budget lays out how it plans to support Indigenous communities that are reclaiming jurisdiction over child and family services, ensuring that Indigenous children and youth grow up in their communities, tied to their cultural identities, and achieve better outcomes.

It has proposed $1.8 billion to support communities in exercising jurisdiction and $167.5 million to ensure Inuit children can access the health, social, and educational services they need, when they need them.


While the above priorities are a small step towards a fairer society, they are nowhere near enough to support the needs of people affected by FASD. We need a National FASD Framework now to improve the lives of at least 1.5 million Canadians, their families and their caregivers.

FASD is repeatedly left out from key government policies and this needs to change. Ensure that FASD is included in future budgets by convincing politicians of the Bill’s importance, find out how on our National FASD Framework page.

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