WRaP 2.0 FASD Coaching Partnership Project
  • Kaitlyn Rebmann, FASD Instructional Coach

  • wrapcoach@seafan.ca


  • Website: wrap2fasd.org


WRaP 2.0: FASD Instructional Coach

An FASD Instructional Coach is a frontline community worker who is knowledgeable about FASD, inclusive education, and is skilled at facilitating teacher collaboration and sharing FASD-informed practices. The FASD Instructional Coach facilitates ongoing professional development for teachers and education staff and models and supports the use of FASD-informed instructional practices with educators, contributing to the school authority and provincial goals for student success and meeting the diverse learning needs of students with FASD.

The FASD Instructional Coach helps to facilitate change and is a driver of capacity enhancement and teamwork.Their goal is to facilitate professional learning in the field of FASD, including FASD-informed instructional and classroom strategies, and to improve school staff knowledge and student engagement. Their work helps to promote the creation of positive and supportive learning environments. As learning leaders, FASD Instructional Coaches continue to gain knowledge about emerging trends and research based FASD instructional practices.

FASD instructional coaching is evidence-based, developmental and established on individual/school/district goals and growth, voluntary, cooperative and supportive. FASD instructional coaching is not a one-off, evaluative, forced, nor based on judgements or opinion.

Presentations for all Grade levels (Kindergarten to Grade 12). Topics include:
  • Foundations in FASD
  • Classroom Strategies for Students with FASD
  • Teaching Strategies for Students with FASD
  • School to Adulthood Transitions

If you are working with an FASD student that would benefit from the support of this program, contact:

  • Contact Kaitlyn Rebmann
    FASD Instructional Coach, South Zone

  • Phone: 587-253-8875

  • Email: wrapcoach@seafan.ca

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