Article reposted from: canfasd blog, September 28, 2022,  CanFASD Research and Publications

FASD Awareness Month is almost over! Our theme this year was building strengths and abilities. The goal was to recognize and celebrate the strengths and abilities of individuals with FASD and this community. Here is a roundup of what happened for FASD awareness during the month of September!

Canada Rocked Red for FASD Awareness

Many different monuments across Canada lit up red for FASD Awareness Day, including:

People with FASD shared their strengths, abilities, and successes

People from all over the world joined in the Red Shoes Rock and FASD Awareness movement

Governments got involved

Several Senators, Ministers, Members of Parliament, and Mayors participated in awareness events and made statements for FASD Month.

Several towns and municipalities officially proclaimed September as FASD Awareness Month, including:

CanFASD published new research articles and resources

Thank you to everyone who helped make this FASD Awareness Month a success. This is just a small collection of a few of the amazing things we saw on the go this month. The strengths, abilities, and enthusiasm of this community are incredible. We can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together over the next year.